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Our vision at The Corporate Life is to help everyone to achieve their career goals.  Everyone deserves an equal chance in life and in business.  We strive to provide the learnings and skills required for navigating the corporate jungle. 

Whether you are just leaving school, wanting to progress further in your career or think your team needs a bit of a refresh, we have the tools to share with you to turn your goals into reality. 

If you don't believe you have the Expertise, you can still have the Passion and Courage to Succeed.

Kate Mahoney

Value 01.


One of our greatest values is to empower others.  We believe that there is no better way to help others than by supporting them and giving them the strength and belief that they can achieve greatness.  We want to provide the skills that are required to take those steps and to be the supporting figure that will stand with you every step of the way until you are where you want to be.  

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