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The seminars, workshops and services below are designed to build your skills and allow everyone to have an equal chance to reach their goals.  Working with schools, universities, businesses and individual clients, the skills learned from these seminars and workshops are skills that you will use for the rest of your life.

Seminars for Students 

Entering into the workforce can be daunting for young adults.  Writing a resume with limited or no working experience can feel like they are starting with a blank slate.  They may be interacting with people who are twice their age and trying to fit into a world they've never been a part of.  These are some of the overwhelming feelings that young people can feel when the time comes to leave school and enter into the workforce.  

Our informational seminars have been developed for students who have come to the completion of their studies and are ready to embark on the next journey.  They will learn the skills required to put their best foot forward when applying for new roles and make sure that they stand out from the thousands of other students who are also now entering the workforce.  These workshops can be tailored to suit any cohort and can be delivered in a large scale format or smaller groups depending on your requirements. 

Seminars can range from one hour, half a day or a full day.  There is a vast range of topics that can be covered and tailored to your school's specific requirements.  Some example topics that could be covered in your seminars include: 

  • Fundamentals of resume and cover letter writing 

  • Online presence and the importance of privacy 

  • Interview skills: Preparation is key 

  • Dressing for confidence  

  • Make a great first impression, your handshake is your business card

  • Phone and email etiquette 

  • Conducting yourself at a work event 

  • Modern deportment, do's and don'ts of the modern office

  • Being the youngest in the office, how to be heard 

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Professional Development Workshops

These workshops are designed to provide a deep-dive experience into the different nuances of the corporate world.  In a more intimate and collaborative format, these workshops focus on the individual's needs depending on where they are in their career. 

Scheduled workshops will be open to join throughout the year.  These will be announced via email, so make sure you are signed up to our mailing list as places will be limited. 

If you would prefer to attend a more private or familiar setting, workshops can be organised for you or your group on any of the range of topics available.  These topics can be altered to suit the requirements of the group and tailored to meet your specific needs.  The length of a workshop can vary depending on the topics.  

These workshops are great for individuals, small groups and company development days. 

Topics that are covered in seminars and recruitment coaching can also be covered in workshops.  Additional topics for consideration:

  • How to negotiate your pay when accepting a new role

  • Asking for a pay rise in your current role

  • Nailing your performance review 

  • Dressing for corporate events 

  • All of the difficult parts of being employed that no one likes to talk about 

Each seminar, workshop and coaching experience is expertly and carefully created to be specific to the cohort, group or individual.  As such, no two sessions are alike.  Please email, call or submit a request below for a quote.

Recruitment Coaching 

No matter how far through your career journey you are, there is no better time than the present to get an advantage over your competitors.  You can show your future (or current) employer that you are the whole package! The Recruitment Coaching service offers End to End employment assistance including:


  • Initial Consultation

  • Resume and cover letter writing

  • Interview preparation and practice questions

  • How to follow up and stay relevant

  • Corporate Wardrobe

  • High-resolution Head Shot 

Whether you are applying for your first ever role, putting yourself out there for something better, coming back from maternity leave or just want more, this one on one coaching will help you get where you want to be. 


This package is tailored to meet your specific requirements based on where you currently are on your career journey.

MC and Events 

If you have an event coming up where you need a professional and well spoken MC or host, you have come to the right place.  We are not only offering MC and hosting services but also providing promotional pre-event videos to build up excitement and traction for an event. 

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