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Know Your Worth, Then Add Tax!

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Prior to entering the workforce men have often been exposed to the skills and expectations of the corporate world with a natural assumption that this is where their chosen paths will lead. Women on the other hand can often miss out on these early lessons, giving men an even bigger advantage. According to The Workplace Gender Equality Agency, women in Australia are paid 14% less on average than men in a similar role. While there are a variety of factors that may influence this gender pay gap, I’ve often found that many women will financially undervalue their skills, causing them to expect and apply for positions with a lower remuneration. According to Harvard Business Review, men will apply for roles where they meet only 60% of the criteria, while many women will not apply unless they meet 100%. 

In November 2019 I will be launching Network to Net Worth, a series of networking and development events focused on supporting women in the corporate sphere. These events are designed to provide skills and knowledge for women to both excel in their chosen fields, and to utilise their talents in a way that ensures the greatest return.

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