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Conference Survival Kit

Conferences can be a drag, especially when you are stuffed into a large ball room that is freezing cold with a couple of hundred strangers.  Here are my top tips to help you survive the day.


A Jacket.  It may seem silly heading off to your conference on a 30 degrees day with a woolly cardigan or scarf tucked under your arm, but you will be the one laughing when you are snug as a bug in the conference room while everyone else is suffering from hypothermia.

Lip Balm.  Most girls will always have a balm on them but make sure conference day isn’t the day you forget.  As the conference rooms are pumped with aircon all day your lips can have a tendency to go dry.  Make sure you pack your most moisture intensive lip balm to keep your lips looking plump all day.

Flat Shoes.  I am the biggest advocate of rocking a sleek pair of stilettos all of the time, however, after a day of mingling on your feet, whether you are walking back to the office or heading home, at the end of the day it is nice to get there in comfort.

Healthy Snacks.  These all day conferences usually pump you full of sweet and fattening foods.  From the egg and bacon croissants for breakfast to the all you can eat buffet style lunch, it is easy to get carried away.  That is why I like to take a few light snacks along like protein balls or nuts, so I can limit the temptation and also keep myself going through those longer sessions when lunch seems like a lifetime away.

Mints.  The only thing worse than sitting next to a stranger with bad breath all day is finding out that you were the stranger with bad breath! Make sure that is not you by always carrying mints.  And if by chance you are sitting next to a person with bad breath, when you go to have a mint, offer them around! everyone will be thanking you for it later.

Kind regards,


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