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How to get a First Date with your Dream Job

You have seen someone online and have felt an instant attraction!  Your pulse quickens, wondering ‘could this be the one?’  You hastily click on their profile to read more.  Everything seems to be clicking.  You have the same likes, interests, skills and attributes.  They are in a great location, offering fantastic employee benefits and even a company car!

You have probably realised I am not talking about your dream man, I am talking about your dream job.  You have seen an amazing position advertised on one of the many job search platforms, such as Seek, and you are eager to apply.  However, you are starting to feel a little disheartened as you have been applying for job after job and never seem to hear anything back. 

I have some tips to help you turn that spark into a flame, and make sure you are at the top of their call list:

Before you apply, contact their Human Resource team. When I see a job that really interests me, one of the first things I do is contact the HR department or point of contact for the position, and ask if the position is still available.  Confirming this is a good opportunity to inform the contact you will be applying.  This means they will already be expecting your resume, your name is familiar to them and it shows great initiative and interest in the role.

Make sure your resume is current and relevant. I know so many people who apply for a multitude of positions with the same resume.  This is a big no no!  You are more likely to translate your search into results if you personalise each of your applications.  As I say in “How to Write a Stand Out Resume”, use the position description to tailor your resume to be exactly what they are looking for.  Coupled with a quick and concise cover letter, addressed to the relevant party, this is sure to get you noticed.

After you apply.  Do not be afraid to follow up!  In a business, circumstances can change on a daily basis and suddenly finding a new employee isn’t at the top of the to do list.  It never hurts to keep your name fresh in their minds and to provide a gentle reminder that you are keen and available.  Following up also shows to your potential employer that you can see a task through, are committed and diligent in your work.  I will send an email, such as the below,  the day of an interview, and then continue to call or email at appropriate intervals afterwards.

“Dear (name),

Thank you for your time today.  I very much enjoyed meeting you and learning more about the role you have available.  I would like to reiterate my interest in this role and believe that I would be a great fit not only for the role, but also with your team.

If you require any further information or have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards, Kate”

I hope these tips help you get that interview for your dream job.

I would love to hear of any other things you need help with, so please don’t hesitate to reach out!

Kind regards,


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