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Quick and Easy Morning Makeup

If you, like me, never have enough time in the mornings to get everything done, then you will know how difficult it is to fit in a full face of makeup and fabulous hair style.  I have found the best products that help me with my quick 10 minute morning makeup routine, that don’t cost an arm and a leg and are very user friendly. 

PRIMER:  It is definitely important that you use a primer, not only for the foundation to sit well but so it doesn’t get stuck in your pores.  And if you are going to use the foundation suggested below, then you definitely need a primer.  I was using one from Mecca that is unavailable for the moment, but  was called Soft Focus and was nice, light and silky smooth. 

FOUNDATION :  This foundation has been my LIFESAVER! It eliminates the need for concealers or worrying about uneven skin tone.  The Double Wear foundation by Estée Lauder goes on easy, stays on all day and gives the most flawless effect.  Coming in at $58 it is also one of the more cost effective foundations I have found.  The only problem is getting it off at the end of the day (but I have a solution for that).

BLUSH:  I like to use a deeper coloured blush that won’t clash with other makeup I might be wearing. This Estée Lauder blush is great as it is an all-rounder that will go with any look. 

BRONZER/CONTOUR:  I am currently using the Two Faced Chocolate Soleil bronzer, which I am doubling as a contour.  This bronzer is vegan friendly, super light and easy to build up. It also has no shimmer, so I can easily use it for all of my contouring as well.  With a heavy enough bag already, when I can use one product as two it is a definite bonus!

EYE BROWS:  Hourglass makes the absolute best eyebrow crayon in my opinion.  I can’t say I have the best makeup application skills, but the shape and design of this tool makes it oh so easy to glide on and make sure your eyebrows are always looking fine. It might be a little more expensive at $49 but for me it is definitely worth it!

MASCARA: I am currently using the Better Than Sex waterproof mascara, which is great; however, wearing waterproof mascara everyday becomes quite a pain to take off.  I think I might try their other non-waterproof mascara and see how it goes. I hope these products help you in you morning madness, and as always, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.  Kind regards,

Kate The Corporate Life

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